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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the purpose of Email Verifier?

A: Email Verifier, or email checker, is an online tool that can clean your email lists from invalid emails. Sending unverified email lists will lead to a high bounce rate and blocking your emails by ESPs. The goal of our service is to build and maintain a high reputation for your email account by improving the delivery rate of your campaigns.

Q: Is Email Verifier Online Free?

A: Email Verifier Online provides a free account for every new customer. And each Email Verifier Online account will have 1,000 free credits after signing up. If you need more credits, you can buy our Pay-As-Go plan or Subscription plan.

Q: How much does 1 email address validation cost?

A: 1 email address validation needs 1 credit.

Q: How many free credits are prepared for new?

A: Email Verifier Online offers 1,000 free credits for its customers.

Q: How accurate are the email verification results?

A: Nothing in the world has 100% probability. Thus, Email Verifier Online accuracy is not really 100% indeed. But with our email checker, you can maintain average deliverability of up to 98%.

Q: Can you verify any email?

A: We can verify most email addresses, including custom domain emails. We do not check email status from catch-all domains.

Q: Can I verify email address in bulk?

A: Obviously, yes! Our bulk email verifier function is available with uploading email list files.

Q: Which file format does email verifier support?

A: Our email verifier only supports CSV format to upload email lists. We have prepared a sample CSV file on our uploading page. You can download the sample file and edit it yourselves.

Q: Does Email Verifier store or share my data?

A: Your data is always yours and will never be shared. We will archive your data in your dashboard for your convenience for a period of 90 days, however you may delete your data permanently from the system at any time. We go to great lengths to secure all user data and utilize enterprise security standards. Data Retention Policy Data uploaded to Email Verifier Online system will be deleted after 90 days from the time upload, unless deleted sooner by the user. For more information regarding data privacy, please read our complete privacy policy.

Q: What does the verification process include?

A: Our proprietary 20+ step verification process checks each email up to 75 times from different locations around the world. We utilize, MX, DNS, SMTP, SOCIAL, and additional private technologies in determining validity of addresses. Email Verifier Online offers free deduplication and bad syntax removal prior to providing a total cost for your job.

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