Top 3 Quick Email Verification Misconceptions

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It is the most useful extension of email marketing, but quick email verification still holds secrets for many marketers. Why do I need it? Does it really work? How often should I use email verification software? It must be expensive, right? If you’re looking for answers, read on for the top three email verification misconceptions we’ve encountered so far.

Quick Email Verification Misconceptions

#1 You don’t need to clean your email list often

Well, it depends on what “often” means to you. Ideally, you would run your list through the quick email verification system before sending each new campaign. But we believe that the right answer about how often you should check your list depends on how fast it grows. If you are getting many new subscribers every week, then quick email verification becomes a must, at least once a month. If your list is growing slowly, you can allow yourself a longer period of time between verifications.

One thing to remember is that 30% of your email list will go bad within a year. If you don’t clean up your email list within that time frame, you’re basically throwing 30% of your annual email marketing budget out the window. Email verification can save you that money.

#2 If you don’t get any bounces, you don’t need it

This is a common misconception that leads to low delivery rates and a poor sender reputation. In a nutshell: Email verification software is not only the best weapon to prevent bounced emails, but it also helps your emails reach the right people while building your reputation.

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A good email verification tool can help in:

  • Eliminate invalid email addresses from your list, thus preventing your campaigns from bouncing.
  • Remove spam traps, full-blown and toxic domains that are useless contacts clogging up your database
  • Detect and remove email abusers – those who have a habit of marking emails as “spam”
  • Get rid of disposable email addresses
  • Add missing subscriber information to your list, which helps you better understand your audience

#3 Too expensive

In fact, as we explained above, email verification can save you money. We don’t know how much you’re currently paying to your marketing automation platform. But the cost usually depends on the number of subscribers you have. So, the more invalid addresses you keep on your list, the more money you spend for nothing. Other than that, email verification is not expensive. For example, if you choose to clean up your list with Email Verifier Online, the price is only $1 for 1,000 addresses If you have a larger database of 100,000, the price is $70.

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Before you make your decision, you can test our Email Verifier system for free. It’s easy to get an account with us and claim your 10,000 free credits. Our customer support team is online 24/7 to assist you and our software will get your list back to top-notch status!

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