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email validation for beginners

You get frequent bounces and spam complaints, and your overall email engagement isn’t great. But you know you can fix these problems – and the first step in the process is to clean up your list. Not sure where to start? These bulk email verification tips for beginners will clear up many of the unknowns and help you refresh your email marketing.

What is Email Validation?

First, let’s define the term: email validation is the process of determining which email addresses are valid in a subscriber list. In email marketing jargon, you’ll also find it called email verification, email list cleanup, or email refresh.

While they are all working toward the same goal, there are some minor differences between these processes. Please check out our email validation glossary to learn more.

Email validation for beginners: how does cleaning your list help?

From Fortune 500 companies to startups and independent bloggers, everyone seems to have jumped on the email marketing wagon in the last few years. You’d be wise to do the same yourself

Email is by far the number one platform marketers use to stay in touch with their audience. It helps you form stronger relationships with your customers and increase your sales.

However, the key to a successful email marketing campaign is great email deliverability. This means getting your emails into the inboxes of your subscribers and giving them a chance to see them. Otherwise, they go to waste instead of improving people’s lives – and your business.

Now, you may be asking yourself: How can cleaning up my list help me achieve better email deliverability? The answer is simple: by removing outdated and risky email addresses, you maintain your sender reputation and have a higher chance of landing in your inbox.

How to protect your sender reputation?

There are several factors that determine how many of your emails arrive in your inbox. The first and most important one: your sender reputation.

You may think that a few returned emails won’t affect you. But the truth is that your sender reputation suffers when you repeatedly send mail to invalid addresses and other bad addresses. Internet Service Providers (IPS) take this into account when deciding where your mail should go – the inbox, spam, or nowhere at all. That’s right, using a confusing list can also lead to your emails being blocked altogether.

So, what do you do?

Manually checking your list to see if the addresses it contains are valid can be a tedious and time-consuming process. In addition, some risky email addresses are impossible to detect manually.

But don’t worry: it’s easy to remove unwanted addresses even for beginners in email validation.

How to find a reliable Email Validation Tool?

First of all, look for a trustworthy company. Email marketing has evolved over the past few years and the number of email validators on the market continues to grow. As a beginner, you may be tempted to use the first platform you find online, but a little research pays off.

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