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Enriching your email list is not an easy task. Over time, it becomes confusing as people change workplaces, drop emails, and so on. This is natural and not too dependent on you, however, you can focus on making the growth rate higher than the loss rate. Your email list can’t be perfect, but you should do your best to get the right larger audience and clean your email list regularly. Thus, how do we keep our email list clean and healthy? This may sound difficult to do, but here are some suggestions that will help you.

1. Email List Accuracy Verification

There are many email verification tools that can help to validate email lists. For instance, Email Verifier Online, Truemail, XVerify, etc. These email validation services support bulk email address verification. They help keep your sender score high, which means more people will receive your messages and you have a lower chance of ending up in the spam folder.

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2. Organize your content to avoid entering spam

It’s not so easy to recover your sending reputation after you’ve been labeled as a spammer. To avoid this, you need to follow best practices. For example, get rid of terms such as “buy”, “free”, “apply now”, “cheap”, “lowest price”, etc. They are known as spam filter traps.

3. Easy to Register/Sign up

It may sound pretty obvious, but in reality, it’s one of the biggest mistakes companies make. You should include email list signup forms on your website and in every email you send, literally everywhere.

4. Double Opt-in

A clean list will ensure that your followers are genuine and interested in confirming in their inbox that they want to sign up. Confirmed followers are less likely to mark your emails as spam. Double opt-in increases the quality of your email list, which is very important.

5. Produce high-quality contents

You should produce high-quality content that your readers will find relevant and interesting. This will help you attract attention from social media sites and Google results.

6. Revitalizing your old list with opt-in campaigns

If your list has outdated, the best decision is to create an opt-in email with a call to action for people to re-subscribe. Make it clear in this email that people who don’t respond will be deleted.

You may be wondering how deleting people from your list can help grow it. However, it helps to keep only those subscribers who are interested in your content. By doing so, you increase deliverability so your letters are received by more people.

In Conclusion

The key to maintain your email list clean and healthy is to confirm that your list members are active and true. And the other point is to check and clean your subscriber list to gain a high click and domain reputation.

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