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Good email hygiene is critical to your email marketing success. But how do you know when your email list needs to make some changes or needs to clean? Here are three signs that your contacts are out of date and harm your performance.

What is Email Clean?

Cleaning your email list means getting rid of old, bad, and email addresses with an email verifier. These are invalid, abandoned, catch-all, or abused emails that keep you out of your inbox and cause you to fall into spam.

Sometimes, bad email hygiene can even get you blacklisted, which means your emails won’t be sent at all.

Clearing your list of these dangerous types of contacts takes just a few minutes and can give you real benefits: a better reputation for sending, higher open rates, more traffic to your landing pages, and more conversions.

Now, let’s get into some of the most common signs that you need to give your email list a good scrubbing. They’ll help you diagnose poor list hygiene faster so you can take immediate action.

Is your bounce rate higher than 5%?

According to MailChimp, the average email bounce rate for all industries is between 0.40% and 0.58%. As you can see, it’s not unusual to get some bounced emails. Some addresses may become invalid (literally) overnight, so you’ll get a hard bounce. In addition, some mailboxes – such as All Mail – may be full and your email service provider will notify you of a soft bounce.

>>Check out this email verification glossary to learn the difference between a soft bounce and a hard bounce.

What is problematic, however, is that you are allowed to have a bounce rate that exceeds 5% of the email industry standard. Anything above this threshold puts your sending reputation at risk and impacts your email deliverability.

So, pull up your email marketing reports for the past six months: What’s your bounce rate like? Has the number of people delivered by your recent campaigns decreased?

Fortunately, you don’t have to do much research to know if your bounce rate is too high. Keep this 5% benchmark in mind, and don’t let yourself exceed it until you refresh your list.

Amazon SES bounce rate dashboard

Have you heard of Crickets?

You’ve just written your best email yet: the subject line, body, and call to action will have your favorite copywriter applauding. So you confidently hit send – you’ve worked hard and can’t wait to get this email out.

Then, silence. You keep refreshing your reports, hoping to see those open rates and click-through rates go up. Crickets!

Before you say email marketing isn’t for you, forget about your content. While great content can lead to great marketing, the reason your email engagement is low maybe your list.

Even if you verified three months ago, some of your contacts may have lapsed in the meantime. Also, some addresses may have been abandoned, and unengaged contacts can affect your inbox location.

In addition, you may have added full or role-based emails to your contacts. They also don’t help you improve engagement. Instead, they can cause your metrics to sink.

So no matter how compelling your content is, many of your active users won’t see it because of all the low-quality contacts that are dragging you down.

How many spam complaints are you getting?

It’s important to pay attention to all of your email marketing metrics, including spam complaints. Like open rates and click-through rates, they give Internet Service Providers (ISPs) feedback about the recipients of your content – and that feedback is reflected in your deliverability rates.

How many people have opened your email and clicked on your content? The higher this number, the more the ISP thinks you belong in the inbox.

Are there a lot of people complaining about your email?ISPs will notice this and when you next send an email, they may redirect it to the spam folder. So, every time you send an email, pay attention to this key indicator.

How to clean your email list by using Email Verifier Online

Email Verifier Online is a newly bulk email verifer online tool. It is very simple and easy to use. You only need 3 steps, then you can have a clean email list.

Register an account on Email Verifier Online

Before you use Email Verifier Online, you should have a free account on our website. We don’t send any spam or phish emails to you. It is only the mark for us to tell every different user.

Upload an Email List you owned

This online email checker accepts bulk email list checking. Every user only needs to upload their email list file, then they can have a clean email list that has cleaned the duplicate email addresses, invalid addresses, and risk addresses .etc.

Email Verifier Online file supported: .CSV format.

Download the verified email list-Now, it’s clean!

After you upload your email list, the only thing you can do is waiting. The online email checker will auto checking the validation of your email list. Average speed is about 106 emails checking per minute. A few moment later, you can get an email list checking report. From this report, you can learn about how your email list is composed by.

Finally, download the catagrized email list you may require.

download clean email list
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