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As we mentioned in HOW EMAIL MARKETING BOOST SEO – #1 SOCIAL MEDIA, CTA BUTTON, email marketing is not only a way to get in touch with customers or to promote products, but it is a wonderful place for website SEO. After you read the last article, you have learned the social media part plays a vital role in email marketing. This passage will show another factor. How personalized content increases web ranking in email marketing.

What’s the meaning of personalized content in email marketing

Personalized Content = Specific List Segment = Distinguishable But Reasonable Email Content

List Segment

There is no need to emphasize the importance of the list segment. Considering every email marketer has ait basic knowledge of email marketing, we don’t say much about it. Specific list segments with distinguishable email content will increase the open rate and click rate, even the conversion rate.

How to build personalized content in email marketing

First, we need to draft a personalized subject omer opens the email, the potential rate of click, purchase, and share will increase as well.

Another key is to draft an attractive preview. Have you noticed that every email came to our inbox always has 3 parts? Sender name, email subject, and the email short preview like the picture below.

personalized content in email marketing

An attractive email short preview also can promote email marketing. For example, if you are an e-shop owner, the email you subscribed may be some suppliers, industrial trends, or something relevant. If your market is in Spain, the Spanish market info will catch your eyes than the UK’s, right?

Drawing attention to your email, and open it is the first step of the whole email campaign. And how to attract them to click the CTA button or social button is much more difficult than opening the email.

How personalized content boost web seo

Adding a personal touch to your emails can do wonders for your campaigns. For one, it can help your email open rates, email click-through rates (CTR), and even your conversions.

As we analyzed above, when a personalized subject line is included, there is a 26% increase in opened emails. According to one study, segmented email campaigns can increase revenue by a staggering 760%. That’s probably why you’ll find 65% of marketers are now using personalized emails as part of their campaigns.

personalized emails

Using your categorized lists, survey your subscribers to see what types of content and topics they would like to see (use a dynamic tool like Mailshake to help categorize and personalize communications while keeping track of all the back and forth). Then, create and serve this content through your blog and link to it in your emails.

In conclusion

This is all for how personalized content boost SEO in email marketing. Personalized content is one of the aspects which influence web ranking. If you want to know more about which factors will affect web ranking by email marketing, you can read the following articles.


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