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old but relevant content boost seo

As we mentioned in the last article, attractive and personalized content will enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. After you read this article, you will learn how old but relevant content boost site SEO.

What is “old but relevant content” in email marketing

Creating new content that appeals to your email subscribers is one way to help drive traffic to your website. But there’s another way – using older content that is relevant to a specific email list segment.

“Old but relevant content” refers to some content you have sent before. Maybe your new topic has some familiarity with the old topic you sent half-year before.

For example, every country has its National Day. But not every country’s National Day is on the same day. The US National Day (a.k.a Independence Day) is every year’s 4, July. Maybe you need to send congratulations to your US customers. But you also have French customers. Their National Day is called Bastille Day. In every 14, July. You see, you can segment your list and send similar email marketing content to different people. Oh, don’t forget, you have to change the personalized content part.

How “old but relevant content” boost web seo

Think of it this way – your email subscriber base is growing all the time, so it makes sense to occasionally point them to older content they may have missed.

One way to do this is to create emails around a specific topic and then include links to old and new content related to that topic. Just be sure to include your CTA and social media share buttons to help grow your audience and visibility.

Of course, the last thing you want is to inadvertently increase your bounce rate by sending to addresses that are no longer in use or incorrectly addressed.

With 31 billion emails bouncing back every day, you need a foolproof way to manage a clean email list. Using an email verification tool can give you real-time email verification and can reduce bounce rates by up to 98%.

In conclusion

This is all for how old but relevant content boost SEO in email marketing. Old but relevant content is one of the factors which can improve web ranking. If you want to know more about what will affect web ranking by email marketing, read the following articles and find the answers.


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