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It is acknowledged that email marketing is one essential part of business marketing. And every email marketer is well aware that maintaining a clean email list can save cost and increase program success on a large scale. But nowadays, more and more email verifiers have arisen up. Accuracy, authenticity, and favorable price are essential to the email verifier market.

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Benefits of using an Email Verifier

Lower Mailing Cost

You get more returns for your money when your emails go to valid inboxes. Even if you do the emailing in-house, you save time and money. That’s because improved deliverability means less effort and manpower to maintain mailing lists and databases.

Better Reputation

Most marketing experts agree that bounce rates shouldn’t over 5%. High bounce rates lead to the blocking of your emails by internet service providers (ISPs). It also means your emails have been assigned to spam folders.

One of the biggest email verifier benefits is that it protects against bounces and helps you avoid spam traps. Also, you keep away people who routinely mark your messages as spam and invalid email addresses.

Better Leads

Don’t waste time and money emailing bad leads. Invalid emails will never convert. Email verifier ensures that you are contacting interested groups. A higher open rate leads to more sales, higher brand exposure, and your conversion rates will increase.

More Accurate Statistics

Invalid and bounced emails make your campaign statistics not accurate enough. They are difficult to access the true effectiveness of your efforts. A good email verifier cleans your mailing lists and provides reporting to give you a better overall view of your customer data for making your marketing decisions.

Ability to Personalize

Successful marketing is all about the customer experience. An email validation service provides data, like names and addresses, that you need to engage your audience as individuals.

Recent research found that almost 71% of respondents were more likely to make a purchase if emails were up to their likes and preferences. Therefore, the more data you have, the more personal you can make your emails.

Proactive Approach

Predicting and taking some accessible measures to head off delivery issues before sending emails is another way to improve your email quality. Email validation and email list cleaning can help prevent deliverability issues before they begin.

In conclusion

Email verification is an important method for email marketing. Every email marketer should learn about the benefits of email verifiers before they use them. If you don’t know which email verifier is better, Email Verifier Online is a good try.

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